Company   Name:Gaozhou Kangzhili Leather Products Co.,Ltd.

Address:No. 47 Jingang Street,Gaozhou,Guangdong,China

Mobile:+86 13902546496

Fax:+86 668 6690058




Where we are


How to visit us

By Plane

(To Zhanjiang)

We are located in a small city,there is no airport in our area city Maoming.You have to fly from other China domestic airport to our neighbouring city Zhanjiang which is still 2 hours by car away  from us .
By Train

(To Maoming)

We have Gaozhou Railway Station but it is a small station and there are only two trains passing by every day.So please buy tickets to Maoming Railway Station which is 30 KM away from us.

By Coach

(To Gaozhou)

From Shenzhen to Gaozhou it takes around 7 hours

From Guangzhou to Gaozhou it takes around 5 hours